Look out Jerkface, Citricity is here!!

Discovered a new IPA from the crew at Phillips.  Upon first glance at the label I was skeptical of the fruit infused beverage, I mean after all… we’re a dark IPA, Stout and Porter family.

That piece of grapefruit beaming on the front and the word ZEST had me thinking I was going to be drinking a bunch of grapefruit peels… yuck..  man was I surprised when I cracked open that can and took my first smell and sip.

I would like to say that it is an easy rival to Jerkface by Parallel 49… both are a grapefruit flavor.  However, where Jerkface is a sharp and tart flavor, sort of tickles your tongue and throat when its going down. Citricity is a fruity, strong and smooth grapefruit flavor. Refreshing.

I nearly forgot it was a beer with the exception of that dark hoppy after taste.  It took no time at all to drink the entire 6 pack. I would say we drank it faster than the Electric Unicorn.  Interested to find it in a bottle so that I can test the difference, like I did with Jerkface.  Generally there are huge taste differences between metal and glass.



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